I am so glad

to have you here and I don’t
believe it’s by accident that you are.

i believe that when we are made for more

And it’s the right time for us to step into it, we are drawn and magnetized to the right tools and resources that can help us bring that path to life.

I grew up doing a lot of what I thought
others in my life wanted me to do

I thought that’s what success equaled. I honestly had no faith in my own self to make a great life so I did what I saw others doing (but with no desire or connection to it so every step felt empty).

I didn’t want to go to college or go to corporate America but that was the path that looked “right” so I took it. I checked every box along the way and by the time I decided to check in with myself I was already so unhappy that thinking of creating a new life seemed impossible.

I share this with you because I want you to know the single one truth I learned in my years of self-doubt and suffering… even when we feel most lost, alone, confused, overwhelmed, and desperate for a life different from the one we have, we are never stuck where we are. There is always something greater than the moment we are in if we give ourselves the opportunity to see it through.

you have worked hard

I know you have shown up for everyone and everything and are someone that many most likely look up to because of your beauty, success, achievements and grace through it all.

But now it’s time to give back to you. It’s time to stop living a double life and be who you truly are by putting you first. 

It’s time to receive as much
(if not more) than you give.

Powerful women often feel this pressure to be “on” all the time and carry the burden of “never let them see you sweat.”

I can’t wait

to meet you.

Talk soon,