from stuck to empowered

life coaching built around you

clarity confidence consistency

get super clear and radically honest

life coaching monthly membership


1:1 coaching, bi-weekly 90 minute sessions with Jesi on a monthly basis, no contracts, cancel anytime.

These sessions will allow us to dive into any area you choose regarding career, money, relationships, purpose and fulfillment, mindset, and subconscious reprogramming.

This is for the person who feels ready to break-up with their traditional counselor/therapist but still desires consistent accountability and help moving their goals and life forward.

jesi’s school of life coaching

3 month program

1:1 coaching, weekly 60 minute sessions with Jesi for 3 months with the focus on bringing your new Life Coaching business to life.

You will receive lifetime access to the Design Your Life online curriculum, 24/5 Voxer Access for continuous support between each weekly session, and learn how to become an authority as a coach, create effective offers that convert, start your business, and enroll your first clients.

This is for the woman who is ready to get out of her own way and go ALL in on her dream life in full clarity.

if not now, when?

customized strategies to move you forward.

Whether I’m checking in to ask about your wins and struggles, reaching out to ask about your family/relationship stuff happening on the side, intuitively designing customized strategies for you and your specific path to move you forward exactly how you need, or meeting you where you’re at enough to know that today is not the day for you to have a coaching session and “let’s just do it tomorrow, love” I’m all in.


ou just need to finally get honest with yourself about what it is you most want and then take aligned action steps consistently enough to make it happen.

And what I can promise is that after someone works with me, they never see (their) life the same ever again. The world opens up and they no longer settle for ANYTHING less than they deserve. I’m ready to show you the way too!