You get to do it all and will be damned if someone is going to tell you otherwise. The epitome of #womenempowerment and #girlboss #queen.

You operate with a powerful vision for the future and believe in your ability to manifest things above all else.

People often look to you for leadership and it’s a mantle you can’t help but take up.

what holds her back

She can be so scatterbrained that nothing has fully formed to feel like she can call herself successful.

She’s overwhelmed with where to start, she pivots very quicky from interest to interest and chases money a bit. (ex: has definitely signed up for a few MLMs to create a new life but couldn’t follow through).

She’s ready to create success and the life of her dreams and get help picking a direction. Although this decision feels so big so she’s “freaking out!” and “so lost”