why you should book a session

In this free 60 minute call, not only will you get to talk 1:1 with a Life Coach and have some of your deepest questions about your life answered, but you will also be given a 500 foot view of ideas and suggestions on what to do about it so you leave the call feeling inner peace and able to move forward without being stuck anymore.

So no matter if you decide to hire Jesi or not, you are still getting years worth of value packed into a one hour session!

what’s included in the call

  • 1 hour of 1:1 time with Jesi
  • On the spot coaching of your most burning questions
  • Customized Ideas and Suggestions for tangible next steps
  • Clarity
  • The ability to breathe easy again
  • The opportunity to work with Jesi if desired and be part of the Design Your Life Academy which has proudly created incredible life changing results for nearly 70 women the last 3 years

frequently asked questions

What questions should clients think through before talking to a Coach about their goals?

1. Do you have a clear understanding of what you’re seeking help with or do you need help figuring it out? Those are two VERY different coaches you’ll be seeking out.

2. What is your budget? I recommend having a clear plan for this AND an idea of what kind of payment plan you would be open to if that’s something you need. 

3. What kind of program you’re looking for. Do you need 1:1 coaching, a mastermind group, or would you rather do a self-guided program? If you aren’t sure, I am a big believer in starting with 1:1 coaching (even just for one session) because there’s nothing quite like the bespoke guidance of a professional helping you to be accountable to your goals and then being able to help you figure out proper next steps. Self-guided is great too if you’re looking to build a one-off skill or learn a specific technique. Masterminds are great for networking and building a community vs. the 1:1 support. 

4. What are your biggest goals (at least that you think are your goals)? What would you need to achieve (aka: what ROI do you desire to get out of the program) to make coaching feel like it was the most worthwhile investment for you?
5. Are you ready to commit fully to your goals and dreams? If you can answer honestly (and quickly) that you absolutely are ready to go all in and stop playing small then the time is NOW! 🙂



if not now, when?